Strikestudio designs and products are the perfect, memorable gift for every holiday and event, including graduations, weddings, bar/bas mitzvahs, house warmings, birthdays, bridal and baby showers, conference give aways, company promotions - whatever you need! And, they make a perfect gift to give yourself.

BUTTONS are pin backed buttons of original design, produced exclusively by strikestudio. Buttons are sold individually or in packaged theme sets. Call or e-mail to ask about customized and personalized buttons for special events. (sample cat buttons shown here)

BOOKS published by strikestudio include limited edition and handcrafted artist books. These books contain original stories and illustrations produced in tactile sizes with sumptuous colors and textures. (recipe book shown here)

CURIOUS OBJECTS are items invented and produced exclusively by strikestudio. Curious objects are limited edition, sometimes one of a kind, sometimes customized, handcrafted items made from natural or manufactered materials. (matchbox muse and kinetic fish sculpture shown here)

Contact or phone 207-767-5925 for more information about products, prices and ordering.